Introducing ACL

Over the years, I’ve had my fare share of discussions about animation compression and two things became obvious over time: we were all (re-)doing similar things and none of us had access to a state of art implementation to compare against. This lead to rampant speculation about which algorithm was superior or inferior. Having implemented a few algorithms in the past, I have finally decided to redo all that work once more and in the open this time. Say ‘Hello’ to the Animation Compression Library (ACL for short).

To quote the readme:

This library has two primary goals:

  • Implement state of the art and production ready animation compression algorithms
  • Serve as a benchmark to compare various techniques against one another

Over the next few months, I hope to implement state of the art versions of common algorithms and to surpass what current game engines currently offer. It is my hope that this library can serve as the foundation for an industry standard so that together we may be able to move forward and well past the foot sliding issues of yester-year!