Introducing the 'gin' library

gin aims to be a playground for high performance C++ ideas all under the MIT license. gin is currently empty but it will not remain so for long!

Here is an overview of the things I intend to cover in the coming posts and that will be included in the library:

A convenient memory allocator interface suitable for high performance and containers Several high performance memory allocators (linear, frame, small block, heap, external, etc.) A number of containers using the above technology (all sorts of array variants, bit sets, etc.) And much more!

I will use C++11 features where relevant and keep things in headers as much as I can for easy integration as well as all the popular reasons.

I choose the name gin for a number of reasons: it is a refreshing drink for the upcoming summer months, there is no associated programming material with that word, it is short, and if I ever need a side project, I can cleverly name it tonic.

The code can be found here on github.